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Guiding Philosophies

Real Estate is a Business - It has been said that real estate is the business that nobody thinks is a business. There are many people who think anybody can be a landlord, there is no special skill set or even work involved. Renters often think that all is required to operate their building is cashing checks and occasionally calling a plumber. We believe that your real estate investment is absolutely a business and requires a special skill set to create value for you, the business owner. All aspects of business are involved in operating a real estate investment, finance, marketing, accounting, risk management, quality control, and legal. We are experts in all aspects of property management and treat it as a business with a disciplined approach.

We believe that in order to be successful our actions, policies and people must be values driven. Our core values are expertise, honesty and family. To us, values driven means that we are defined by our values. Our team is bonded by our shared values. We allow our core values to guide us through hard work and difficult decisions. The values of expertise, honest and family are what we hold most dearly and believe that when run our business in accordance with our values, superior service and client satisfaction will follow.

Expertise - We believe in expertise. Our team is proud of their abilities and we don’t take on work that doesn’t match our expertise. Becoming an expert in property management and leasing isn’t something that you do through formal education, although we have plenty of that as well. In order to be expert in property management you have to have done it, for a long time and in various portfolios. You have to have enforced thousands of leases, rented hundreds of properties, and navigated countless unimaginable scenarios to know how to handle something expertly. This doesn’t mean we also know the solution immediately to every problem, but we do have considerable resources and experience to guide our decision making to avoid cost and reduce risk.

Education and training is an ongoing endeavor for us. Led by Jennifer Ruelens, MBA, our team is comprised of licensed real estate professionals who have completed industry training in maintenance, leasing, fair housing, technology, and risk management. When we manage your property, we are asking you to trust us, and we know we are worthy of that trust.

Honesty We believe in honesty. Even when it is difficult or uncomfortable we believe that honesty and disclosure is the best policy. This means that we have integrity and can be counted on to do the right thing. This doesn’t mean we never make a mistake. But when we do make a mistake we make it right. We apologize sincerely and work hard to not repeat it. If something needs to be addressed with a client, tenant or each other, we will be honest and forthcoming with all available information and commit to working toward a solution.

Family What is a group of people who work and play together, support each other and are always honest with each other? We think that is a family. At Fish Property Management we are a family. The work we do is highly dependent on the involvement of each person, whether directly or as a resource for experience and knowledge. Because we are so dependent on expertise to serve our clients, we value what each of us brings to the group. We always aim to support each other and know that the success of each other brings success for all.

We consider our clients, vendors and tenants as family too, deserving of excellent service and our best efforts.

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